Why Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv, known as the Startup City, boasts more technological startups per capita than any other city in the world – 1500 at any given moment. The city enjoys the highest density of accelerators in the world, making it a global hub of innovation, technology and scientific thought. With a 14-kilometer beach, a bubbly nightlife scene, wonderful restaurants and a cutting-edge art scene, your participants will enjoy an urban center that the New York Times calls “The Capital of Mediterranean Cool.”
Why Tel Aviv

Why Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s friendly vibe is unbeatable. More than a beach town, it offers a rare blend of world-class culture and global innovation, a cutting-edge arts scene, the largest grouping of Bauhaus architecture worldwide, and a progressive foodie scene to boot; hence The New York Times declared Tel Aviv the “Capital of Mediterranean Cool”.

With its youthful, contagious energy, the city thrives on the unexpected, the diverse, and the spontaneous. As a global leader in technology and innovation, it hosts a wide range of events and conferences annually.

Visitors from every corner of the world arrive to expand their knowledge, while also taking advantage of Tel Aviv’s unique tapestry of ancient-meets modern landscapes, charming boulevards, markets and world renowned beaches.

As a host for conferences, it is ideally positioned; most flights to and from Europe range from a mere three to five hours in duration and with close to 200 incoming flights to Tel Aviv per day, the city is well connected to all major hubs in the world.

Tel Aviv boasts a range of accommodations – from established international hotel chains dotting Tel Aviv’s prime stretch of Mediterranean coastline to contemporary boutique hotels scattered about the city’s most coveted neighborhoods, and designed to the very last meticulous detail.

Startup City

Startup City

Tel Aviv’s all-encompassing entrepreneurial spirit and progress in building innovation hubs across the city have led to its extreme growth in the technological and start up sectors – attracting international investments and buyouts.

Maybe it’s the innate Israeli way to ‘think outside of the box’, the aversion to taking no for an answer, the carpe diem lifestyle, or a combination of all of the above, but Israel’s unpredictable way of doing things has proven advantageous.

Tel Aviv’s thriving, accessible startup ecosystem – rivaled only by Silicon Valley – is fed by the city’s various venture capital firms, seed funds, and accelerators, co-working spaces, major international hi-tech firms, leading research and academic institutions, and the highest density of startups per square kilometer in the world.

From software and security to medical and agricultural technology, multinational companies have been operating R&D centers in Tel Aviv-Amazon, Facebook, Google, CA, and Daimler to name a few.

Tel Aviv consistently hosts various annual conferences, meet ups, and events dedicated to technological innovations, including: The DLD Tel Aviv Conference, Forbes 30 Under 30, and Cybertech.

It’s no wonder Tel Aviv was ranked one of the world’s most innovative cities by The Wall Street Journal.

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive university, ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, with a strong interdisciplinary focus and collaborations with leading research institutions worldwide.

The university is known for its dynamic setting, world-renowned professors, lectures, and intellectual advancements in research and development. It serves as a platform for a number of technological entrepreneurs and professors churning out ground- breaking research.

Culinary Chops


Tel Aviv’s culinary landscape is unexpected, daring, and never takes itself too seriously Pairing up expertly innovative chefs and farm-to-table cuisine, Tel Aviv’s restaurants take cues from the ultimate flavors of everything from home cooking to the humblest of tomatoes. Since its inception, immigrants from far-flung locales have sought refuge in Israel, bringing with them recipes from their homelands and flavors from their upbringings. This melting pot of cultures has not only inspired a new Israeli cuisine, it has also given birth to some of Israel’s most celebrated local chefs. These top chef restaurants, helmed by the likes of culinary masterminds like Eyal Shani, Meir Adoni, and more.
Equally appealing, but easier on the wallet, Tel Aviv’s street food scene broadcasts the same cultural melting pot at a quarter of the price (with top local chefs behind-the-scenes as well). Jaffa is also an equal goldmine for top notch street food. Most authentic Jaffa street food is not only quick to cook up, but very filling, making it the ideal fuel.
Try everything from the vegan-friendly sabich, a fluffy pita filled with eggplant, potato, and other flavorful fixings, to the ubiquitous, yet whole- heartedly satisfying, shawarma or falafel.

Night Life

Night Life

Hailed by the New York Times as the “Capital of Mediterranean Cool”, Tel Aviv is globally recognized as one of the world’s leading cities in terms of nightlife and food-culture. With a bar, restaurant, café or nightclub for every 239 residents, Tel Aviv is home to some of the world’s most esteemed cocktail bars, night-clubs and new-style restaurants, in par with the world’s top cities. As the Huffington Post put it in a recent article, “New York and Ibiza had this torrid love affair and had a baby. They called her Tel Aviv. She inherited her parents’ best features – the 24/7 nightlife and culture of New York and beaches and beautiful people of Ibiza. If your religion is art, dancing and beaching, we suggest you get to Tel Aviv this instant.”



The ancient city of Jaffa is full of incredible sites, restaurants, and intrigue. Here is the best that Jaffa has to offer. With so much hustle and bustle going on with its White City neighbor, sometimes people forget the beautiful gem of Israeli culture that exists on the southern port. From attractions that backtrack through years of ancient history to a laid-back, yet vibrant nightlife scene, Jaffa knows where it’s at. Its range of attractions including mosques and churches, ancient clock towers, wishing bridges, sculptures, artists’ studios, museums, galleries, and trendy restaurants; the list of things to do in this new-old city is neverending. Throw in an impressive spread of authentic Jaffa street food and an eclectic flea market and you’ve got a full to-do list ahead. Here are some not-to-miss hotspots.
White City

White City

The seeds of Tel Aviv were planted more than 100 years ago in the area surrounding Rothschild Boulevard. This is the beating heart of a town that has since expanded in a very significant way
Jewish acolytes of the Bauhaus School arrived in Tel Aviv in the 1930s, bringing their affinity for white walls and small windows into a burgeoning conversation of how to build a city from stark desert sands. By the 1940s, over 4,000 International Style buildings had been constructed in Tel Aviv – the largest number of Bauhaus buildings in any one city in the world. Strict preservation and documentation building laws along with exhibitions have brought much attention to Tel Aviv’s collection of 1930s architecture.
In 2003, UNESCO inscribed the ‘White City’ of Tel Aviv on the World Heritage List, citing it as “an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century.” The citation recognized the unique adaptation of modern international architectural trends to the cultural, climatic, and local traditions of the city. Today, Tel Aviv is essentially an open-air museum exhibiting a local
adaptation of International Style buildings and Bauhaus architecture.
The well-maintained, lofty green rue of Rothschild Boulevard is the most exemplary of Tel Aviv’s main pedestrian thoroughfares, serving as the main artery of the area – with one end reaching the recently renovated Habima complex and the other reaching the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood. It’s undeniably the most famous and well-kept boulevard in the city.
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