Amot Atrium Tower Convention Center

The Convention Center of Amot Atrium Tower is a leading option of its kind, located within the prestigious Atrium Tower, in the heart of Ramat Gan’s business district and adjacent to the Diamond Stock Exchange (“Bursa”). The Convention Center offers a luxurious and representative lobby, advanced multimedia systems, a 120-inch large viewing screen, covered and secure parking, and technical equipment tailored to a conference or any business event. In addition, there are advertising screens for branding events, a number of options for arranging rooms suitable for all types of conferences, and business events for up to 150 participants. There are a wide range of hospitality services, including catering options, ranging from light refreshments to wonderful, gourmet meals.

Max capacity

150 people

Contact Details

2 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan
+ 972 (0) 3 505 9354