Royal Beach Tel Aviv

Royal Beach Tel Aviv is one of the best choices for holding
business or social events. Guests can choose from one of
several halls and meeting rooms, enjoy great food, use the
in-house technical equipment and enjoy some stunning
sea views. The hotel’s experienced staff is happy to plan
and execute any business or social event. The conference
floor includes two halls: Yam and Galim with the combined
size of 460 sq. meters. Royal Beach Tel Aviv has three
meeting rooms located on the 18th and 19th floors and the
largest meeting room at the hotel has a king-size table and
can host up to 22 attendees. The room has a special design
with transparent walls that offer stunning sea views. Two
smaller meeting rooms for up to 10 visitors each are also
available and both have King tables.

228 rooms
Herbert Samuel Boardwalk access and 19 Hayarkon St, Tel Aviv
+972 (0) 3 740 5000