White Night


Does YOUR city ever stay up all night? Tel Aviv sure does. Once a year, on the last Thursday of the month of June, Tel Aviv celebrates by keeping businesses open for the entire night. But why really?
In July 2003, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv’s historic “White City” urban area as a World Heritage site. Since then we like to celebrate this honor by putting together White Night – an annual celebration in recognitions of Tel Aviv’s White City phenomenon.
This annual event takes place on the last Thursday of June and this year we will celebrate on June 27th.

The name, “White City” has been influenced by the magnificent architecture of the Bauhaus movement. White Night is celebrated with concerts, street parties, dinners, and celebrations commemorating the city’s unique culture and individuality. Stores, clubs, restaurants, bars and many cultural establishments will stay open all night long for a jammed pack night of fun and entertainment.